Accelerating Intellectual Excellence
We help people innovate their future potentials in the knowledge economy
The traditional education model does not support different learning cultures of individuals and organisations. Since 2005, we continuously improve new ways to expedite complex learning among individuals in higher education. The result? A simpler approach to critical thinking development that drives asset creations by people.

Novelty of Research

Obtain high impact quality research

Save Cost

Less time wasted, less money spent

Save Time

Help them graduate on time

E.A.G.L.E. Courses

The courses incorporate selected tools and processes in a sequence or selected combination format depending on the needs of the clients for planning high impact research.

About Us

The E.A.G.L.E. Program is a structured interactive visual training program developed from an ethnography research for supporting different learning cultures of individuals and organisations who must transform intellectually to meet the 21st century critical skills.


  • ...I have spread the usage of few friends in Australia and PG friends. They really thank me for the knowledge. It shows clearly where the research goes...
    RSB5001 alumni, 2015-2016
  • …beneficial to get exposed to the ET at the early stage of our study time frame so that we know our study direction from the beginning  
    UK (Feb 1-4 2016, UK Workshop)
  • …before I took your workshop I was seriously thinking of quitting. Now I feel confident I can finish this!
    Malaysia (Mac 26-27 2016, UPM Workshop)
  • …this is a problem solving technique. Very effective and applicable. It’s like a TOP SECRET STRATEGY for research work!
    UK (Feb 1-4 2016, UK Workshop)
  • I came unprepared and zero knowledge… This method has changed my perspective about continuing my PhD. It's not that difficult if you know the right method.
    Taylor (9-10 Aug 2017, Taylor’s U Workshop)
  • I almost lost my spirit in continuing my Phd. After attended this course I cant wait to end my Phd journey.
    UPM (25-26 March 2017)
  • It’s very straightforward and the thesis becomes very defined.
    UPM (25-26 March 2017)
  • The eagle course is structured enough and produce outcome that students anticipated for their phd viva.
    UTM (18-19 Feb 2016)