E.A.G.L.E Tea Talk (2 hours)

A lively sharing session by Prof. Dr. Rahinah Ibrahim on her struggles and obstacles to complete her Ph.D. at Stanford University. She takes you on her one-month transformational journey, which set her off graduating in a year after. Now, she helps students overcome similar Ph.D. issues with simple tools and thought processes for discovering high impact inquiries.

EW1: Fundamentals to Innovative Research (2 days)

Fundamentals to Innovative Research is highly recommended before attending the other E.A.G.L.E. courses. This course provides the fundamentals to the E.A.G.L.E. concept and techniques using the essential tools in supporting individual’s knowledge discovery process by first, understanding your own learning culture. It  will help students see what your supervisor meant to tell you all along. The course will give tips to do your critical literature review quickly and effectively.

EW2 : Developing Theory from Literature (2 days)

Now that you have the fundamentals of your research, you are ready to embark on the literature journey! This journey will take you to places of knowledge wonders that your fore-researchers have gone through. Most importantly, it will take you to discover your own new potentials, which you have no vision before. Join us, and do not be surprised that you may find your own theory when you know what the main components that made them up.

EW3 : Linking Data to Theory (2 days)

The course helps to counter-check if your intended inquiry strategy will lead you to eventually find all the necessary answers to complete your thesis journey. You will use easy tools to explore and strategize your data collection and analysis in an enjoyable experience. The process reinforces the trademark of discovering uncharted territories for inventing new innovative solution with a high prospect of creating your own intellectual property for personal wealth generation.