4-5 January 2020 (Sat & Sun)
RM390 (RM350 before 31 December 2019)
@ Putra Science Park, UPM Serdang


Fundamentals to Innovative Research is highly recommended before attending the other courses. The course provides the fundamentals to the E.A.G.L.E. concept and techniques in the form of tools to support the knowledge discovery process by understanding your own learning culture. It  will help students see what your supervisor meant to say all along. The course will give tips to do your literature review quickly and effectively.


Through this workshop, participants will learn how to retarget their PhD research into becoming their PhD graduated area of expertise. The challenge is, how to solve your personalised research problem? The E.A.G.L.E. approach provides you the understanding on how to utilize research questions to retarget your future area of expertise, and mapping that whole PhD journey to get your degree. This workshop is highly recommended to those who are starting, those who want to pivot their research, and those who wish to realign their interest with their PhD work.

If you cannot see the beacon at the end of your PhD journey, you will risk becoming like a ship in a stormy night.


1. Keeping your Master/PhD original.
2. Finding your main Research Question in 2 days.
3. Ph.D. technical skills needed to complete PhD study in 36 months.
4. BONUS: Tips to do your Literature Review quickly and effectively.

Early Discount Ends 31 December 2019

8 - 9 August 2020
RM490 (early bird RM470 before 31 July 2020)
@ Putra Science Park, UPM Serdang


The literature journey will take you to places of knowledge wonders that your fore-researchers have gone through. Most importantly, it will take you to new potentials which you have no vision before. Join us, and see how you may find your own theory by first knowing what are the main components that made them up.


The uniqueness of this workshop is that E.A.G.L.E. understands the problem faced by researchers when coming up with their own article paper. Through this understanding, E.A.G.L.E. came up with in class structure guidelines to create theory in just 2 days! Understanding how to utilize literature review and critically reviewing it is the most challenging part of writing the article. This process will end with churning out a theory. The E.A.G.L.E. workshop strengthen the theory creation by researchers themselves to contribute new knowledge in their own field. It is minimum to have a theory to graduate a PhD and that is why this workshop is highly recommended for those who are pursuing Master & PhD.


1. Targeting solution from Problem Statement.
2. Basics of critical review and writing techniques.
3. Prioritizing results from your critical literature review.
4. Easy technique for drafting literature review chapter.
5. BONUS: Drafting format for your first journal article.

Early Discount Ends 31 July 2020


Research Skills

Equipped yourself with necessary technical skills to keep yourself moving within time towards Graduate On Time (GOT).

Roadmap to your Master & PhD

Get a quick glimpse and map your Research Future before you even start

Research Abstract

All you need is 30 minutes to write your Research Abstract

First draft for literature survey paper (EW2)

Content preparation for literature review chapter.

Literature Review Skills

Equipped yourself with critical reading and writing skills.


Those who wants to get your thesis jump start to Chapter 2 in 1 month!

Those who wants to get Chapter 2 over with!

Those who wants to graduate on time!



Prof. Dr. Hjh. Rahinah Ibrahim
M.Arch (SCI-ARC’90)
PhD (Stanford Univesity’05)
Top Research Scientists Malaysia ’12
National Academic Award ’13