E.A.G.L.E. Tea Talk


A lively sharing session by Prof. Dr. Rahinah Ibrahim on her struggles and obstacles to complete her Ph.D. at Stanford University. She takes you to her one month transformational journey which set her off graduating in a year after. Now, she helps students overcome similar Ph.D. issues with simple tools and thought processes for discovering high impact inquiries.


1. Understanding the outside forces you cannot change.
2. Tips to strengthen your physical, mental and spiritual mind set.
3. BONUS: Is your thesis really at a Ph.D. or a Master level?
4. BONUS: Lucky students get to test their Main Research Questions.


“Feeling of not being alone anymore”

Master and Ph.D. doesn’t have to be alone in their journeys.

Roadmap to your Master & PhD

Get a 3-year glimpse and map your future research before you even start.

Research Abstract

Amazing 30 minutes to write and edit your Research Abstract


People in need of extraordinary motivation

People who need fast know-how techniques

People who need to achieve higher impact discoveries



Prof. Dr. Hjh. Rahinah Ibrahim
M.Arch (SCI-ARC’90)
PhD (Stanford Univesity’05)
Top Research Scientists Malaysia ’12
National Academic Award ’13